LYKKE - krótkie brzozowe druty do żyłek - INDIGO


Short, birchwood exchangeable needles from LYKKE, in Indigo color.

Ideal to knit short rounded projects like socks, hats, mittens, gloves or sleeves.

Sizes from 3,5 mm - 7 mm.

Total lenght: 8,9 cm

We recommend cords lenght 40 cm or 50 cm (note: this, by producer, is a total lenght, cord with needles).

Needle size


Polityka bezpieczeństwa (edytuj za pomocą modułu „Bezpieczeństwo klienta”)


Zasady dostawy (edytuj za pomocą modułu „Bezpieczeństwo klienta”)


Zasady zwrotu (edytuj za pomocą modułu „Bezpieczeństwo klienta”)

LYKKE means LUCK in Norvegian
And LYKKE accessories will surely bring luck to any knitter working with it.

Each pair is manufactured, without use of any machines, by experienced crafters in Nepal. It up there where they start their happy life. No they have chance to bring that happiness to your home.

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