Seafoam Pulover - DIY Kit

DIY Kit contains:

- 5 (6, 7, 7) Tynn Alpakka skein – 50g each - for sizes S (M, L, XL-XL)*

- 4 (4, 5, 5) Tynn Silk Mohair skein – 25g each - for sizes S (M, L, XL-XL)*

- pattern in German or Polish
- needles nb 4**
- sewing needle and label "Proudly Made by Myself"

*please remember to add yarn skeins if neccessary for your size
**if you don't need them, just remove it from the kit (click basket icon in right top corner)


x 5


x 4



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Sweater - like a summer dream. Lace pattern shows sea tides. Alpakka softness multiplies sensation.

To make it you'll need Tynn Alpakka and needles nb 4.

Level: intermediate.

Pattern in Polish.

Pattern to be downloaded from the link sent in mail.

Data sheet

Yarn type
Yarn gauge
Needles size
Skills level

Tynn Alpaca combines all what's best about natural wool – warm as wool and light as alpaca. Very soft jet durable fiber - ideal for baby clothing as well as for adults.

Material: 67% alpaca i 33% wool

Weight/lenght: 50g/166m

Suggested needles and crochet: size 3

Tension swatch, needles nb 3: 24 stitches = 10cm

Handwash, 30C, natural detergents for wool, do not iron, dry flat.

For a sweater size 42 you'll need 7 skeins.

Data sheet

Yarn type
Wool and alpaca mix
Yarn gauge
Light fingering
Needles size

Tynn Silk Mohair is the same exclusive mohair as Silk Mohair, but a bit thiner and even more delicate due to more added silk.

Very efficient! one ball contains 212m of tread, so only 5 balls takes to make a sweater. Ideal to mix it with other wools and fibers to add some lightness and gentleness to the texture.

Material: 57% kid mohair, 15% wool, 28% silk

Weight/lenght: 25g/212m

Suggested needles: size 3-5

Tension swatch, needles nb 3: 28 stitches = 10cm

For a sweater size 42 you'll need 5 skeins.

Handwash, 30C, with special detergents for wool, dry flat, don't iron.

Birchwood straight needles in Driftwood shade.
LYKKE means LUCK in Norvegian
And LYKKE accessories will surely bring luck to any knitter working with it.

Each pair is manufactured, without use of any machines, by experienced crafters in Nepal. It up there where they start their happy life. No they have chance to bring that happiness to your home.

Sizes from 3 - 12. Total lenght 35cm.

Knitting markers, a must have for any knitter or crocheter, in comfortable safety-pin shape.

Used to mark the place to sew in sleeves, to increase or decrease stitches or any other important stitch in your ongoing project.