Czapeczka i szalik dziecięcy - zestaw Zrób to Sam

DIY Kit contains:

- 2 (2, 2) x motek włóczki Phil Merinos 6 - merino superwash - dla 3 (6, 12) m-cy - do zrobienia czapeczki

- 1 (1, 2) x motek włóczki Phil Merinos 6 - merino superwash - dla 3 (6, 12) m-cy - do zrobienia szaliczka*

- pattern in French
- needles nb 6**
- sewing needle and label "Proudly Made by Myself"

Main picture shows items in color: hat - Caramel, scarf - Vermillon

*please remember to add yarn skeins if neccessary for your size
**if you don't need them, just remove it from the kit (click basket icon in right top corner)


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Very easy but cozy little hat and scarf for the little treasures.

To make it you'll need merino superwash Phil Merinos 6 and needles nb 6.

Level: for beginners.

Pattern in French.

Pattern to be downloaded from the link sent in mail.

Data sheet

Yarn type
Merino superwash
Yarn gauge
Needles size
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Phil Merinos 6 is a 100% merino superwash. It is a highest quality wool, easy to maintain. Ideal for baby clothing and for sensitive adult skins. Perfect for fantasy cable knitting.

Did you know that merino comes from a specific sheep breed MERINOS, who's fiber is more delicate than other wool. Keeps you warm in winter but isolates from heat in summer as well.

Material: 100% merino superwash

Weight/lenght: 50 gr/78 m

Suggested needles and crochet: nb 6.

Stitch sample: 16 stitches x 21 rows, need;es n°6 = 10cmx10cm

Suitable for knitting machines.
For a sweater size 42 you'll need 12 skeins.

Mashine wash, 30°C, dry flat.

Produced in Italy

Data sheet

Yarn type
Merino superwash
Needles size
Birchwood straight needles in Driftwood shade.
LYKKE means LUCK in Norvegian
And LYKKE accessories will surely bring luck to any knitter working with it.

Each pair is manufactured, without use of any machines, by experienced crafters in Nepal. It up there where they start their happy life. No they have chance to bring that happiness to your home.

Sizes from 3 - 12. Total lenght 35cm.