Feeling Good Yarn - baby alpaka and merino, cloud yarn


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Feeling Good Yarn - another member of Wool and The Gang. We had to have it as it represents all we are looking for in yarn: quality, naturality, softness, skin care and that special something.
This cloud yarn - where baby alpaka and merino fibers are blown in to the thin nylon net - is a dream to work with for any knitter. Very light - half the weight of a normal spinned wool - yet very warm and incredibly soft on skin. Try it, and it will be your favourite forever.



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Material: Baby alpaka 70%, merino 7%, nylon 23%

Suggested needls: nr 5mm - 8mm

JWeight/lenght: 50g/130m

Geuge, needles nr 5mm: 3,5 stitches = 2,5 cm

For a sweater size 38 you'll need approx 6-7 skeins. For a simple hat - 1 skein is enough.

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Marino and baby alpaca mix
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