Billie Jean - włóczka z odzyskanego jeansu


Billie Jean looks and feels like a light, smooth cotton, but it’s actually leftover denim. Offcuts get scooped up and re-spun rather than heading to a landfill. Billie Jean saves 20,000 litres of water for every kilogram of upcycled denim – she's one cool yarn.

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Billie Jean is available in 4 shades, with different jeans/cotton combination: 

Raw Denim/Indigo Denim : 100% upcycled denim

Dirty Denim: 60% upcycled denim, 40% upcycled raw cotton

Washed Out Denim: 20% upcycled denim, 80% upcycled raw cotton

Weight/lenght: 100g/135m

Suggested Knitting Needle Size: 3.5mm - 8mm

Suggested Crochet Hook Size: 5mm - 8mm

Tension swatch: 18 sts x 24 rows in stocking stitch on 5mm needles = 10cm x 10cm

Note: Bille Jean Yarn is upcycled denim yarn that will perform like most blue jeans, with the possibility to fade a little during the first wash and with a small amount of colour transfer.

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